About Us


First we would like to start off by saying thank you for visiting us!!

       Here at Paradise 51 we created a team of artist and designers who have an eye for fashion and fashion trends. Our goal is to create trends that can make you feel animated in your clothing and fashionable accessories. Many of our team players are from the design world such as clothing design, animation, and comic books so we honestly know what it’s like not finding something to fit your fashion taste. Even though all of us have unique stories that brought us together we can all agree that we love looking good and feeling good in whatever we wear and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to do so. Before starting this great company together we wanted to aim on three soul purposes first, connect with you our customers, second, only sell great quality clothing and fashionable accessories, and third keep prices low as possible. This concept is what made paradise 51 the number one go to store today. Our aim will never solely be base on profit but on quality clothing and low pricing for everyone. We believe everyone should stay unique and express to the world this is who I am.   Many of our team players wasn’t fortunate growing up having quality clothing and being able to dress the way they wanted to. So here at paradise 51 we want to give people that chance to live that experience and to feel good every day!


                                                                                                        Thank you for visiting!!!!

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