Customer questions




Why should I trust you with my money?

     We use service like Paypal to ensure your information stay secure and that not even our employees have access to it. we understand the need for you to trust where your money is going. So by using the services of Paypal you can feel secure with us.


Where are these good made and coming from?

   Most of our merchandises are made here in America but some is also from china and other countries. We made sure they are 100 % good quality products and that it’s safe to use in America!


Why is it my Standard delivery  price went up?

   In the past we encountered customers taking advantage of our promotional deals such as " free item sale " just pay delivery. by doing so some customer order 100's of items under that promotion and we went at a lost having to cover delivery cost and vender cost. these promotion is mainly set up for giving back to our amazing customers. we are not making a profit during this sale and promotion. But this amazing company was created to give back the best way possible. So to have best control over inventory during sales this big we charge every item under a separate handling Fee. We are sorry that this affect everyone that just want to shop freely and feel animated after shopping here. This jump in delivery prices is only active on " free item sale ".


Why so long for deliveries?

   We are currently working on making our time faster and to deliver to your door in 3-5 days. Many of our products is from oversea and made here in America speedy deliveries in America may cost you 20-50$ more!

How quickly do you respond to email queries?

   We take your business serious and for you to take your time to write up an email means its of the most important. So as soon as our team gets a hold of that email it should be answer no later than one full day.


Why is it that you’re so cheap?

     We cut out the middleman, and went straight to the manufacture and told them we needed quality goods for low prices for great customers!!!


Why such a different approach to returns and policies?

     We wanted to create a culture that was honest and straightforward with every customer and to guarantee that you were receiving quality goods and to keep prices low as possible.